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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

NEW! Celluon evoMouse Virtual Multi-Touch Mouse (special news)

NEW! Celluon evoMouse Virtual Multi-Touch Mouse


The Evolution of The Mouse…


evoMouse-productWith the evoMouse, you can perform common mouse operations using only your fingertips. You can control the cursor, click, select, double click, right-click and drag with basic hand gestures. The evoMouse also features multi-touch functionality including scroll, rotate, zoom, forward and back. The evoMouse is easy and convenient to set up and use with almost any desktop or laptop computer. It supports plug-and-play and connects via a standard USB port.

Your finger is your pointer so there is no more pushing around a physical mouse…


  • Works on nearly any flat surface
  • Use as a traditional mouse
  • Works as a multi-touch mouse
  • Uses your natural movements
  • Requires very little space
  • Less than half the size of a traditional mouse
  • May help reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Price : $79.99 

Product Description
evoMouse works on any flat surface, requiring very little space. No more pushing around a bulky mouse!
evoMouse recognizes multi-touch gestures: scroll, right-click, pinch zoom in and out. Page forward and back is available on Internet Explorer browser.


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